If you need me, email me.

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If you need me, email me. Empty If you need me, email me.

Post  A.A. on Fri Feb 20, 2009 1:20 pm

With the serious BS drama going on in WWP and the void and vacuum of a bunch of pussy ass Anons bitching about "dox dropping" is causing. I am no longer going to post at WWP or even look at it. I will mod this forum for the ABQ Anons since you guys have been great, and I may still come to the globals.

Guests can now view and post. I can IP Ban even if the faggot ass troll isn't on here and just a guest.
Archives are for Members only and no one can post there.
I will only log in to ban/remove content that is illegal, or just plain stupid, or contains porn (since we have an active member that is under 18.)

So if trolls come along and start shit, just email me@ Anonymous.Akuma@gmail.com


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